As you’ll note form our extensive project experience, FdVA has considerable expertise in custom home design. With that in mind, we also understand that creating new home doesn’t always mean demolishing the old one. Sometimes, renovating and/or remodeling what is already there is the better solution.

Renovation and remodeling present an opportunity to maintain and augment the benefits of your existing home, retain favoured features, or radically alter the look and layout to create a new living experience.

Renovating, or remodeling an existing home can, in some cases, be a more be a more sustainable choice. Taking a home, “back to the studs” still utilizes much of what is already there, foundations may only be augmented, and much of the existing structure can often remain. This approach can afford a considerable environmental and cost benefit, over building new.

Often, however, the greatest advantage to renovation, or remodeling is in the application and interpretation of local zoning bylaws. Zoning laws change over time, and many aspects of home design and construction are affected by new zoning laws, such as the positioning of new buildings vs. keeping the old position for views.

All new construction has to be to current Building Code, but in some cases (depending on the extent of work involved), the whole home may not have to be brought up to code. New construction is often held to tighter restrictions in these regards, as newer limits on building area / floor space ratios may demand smaller buildings, when compared to old zoning.

With all of this in mind, FdVA brings its skill in the divining of zoning bylaws to find opportunities for creativity and innovation in the design of your home. Whether it is a modest addition to an existing home or complete remodeling of a home, FdVA provide our knowledge, expertise, and vision to your project to capitalize on the opportunities and ensure a successful transition from old to new.

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